Optimized Video Call
and Work Performance

Class A Certified

Immediate Noise

Calma holds Class A
according to

ISO 23351-1 / 2021

Excellent Voice

Optimized Acoustic

Unique reverberation time of 0.30 sec ensures a good sound reduction experience even in a pod. Calma provides an optimized acoustic experience.

VOC Free for
Better Air Quality

Cleaner Air
Better Health

Ensuring excellent air quality, Calma pod components are free from Volatile Organic and Inorganic Compound emissions.

Broadcast Quality

Integrated Lighting
to Look Your Best

Engineered 2700 K Dimmable ambient & facelight for optimal video conference experience.

We know our impact. Calma pods are made with 100% solar energy and our unwavering dedication to sustainability. 

We Care About The Air You Breathe

Our acoustic pods are crafted entirely from VOC free materials, ensuring that your health is never compromised. Engineered to maintain constant fresh air circulation, Calma ensures CO2 levels below 1000 ppm and air exchange up to 106 times per hour.

Reduced Noise, Improved Concentration

Being exposed to sound pollution can cause stress related cardiovascular disorders. Calma creates the perfect environment to escape from the noise. The Class A soundproofing of Calma results in perfect voice clarity with a balanced blockage of both low and high frequency sounds.

Reducing Stress is More Important Than Ever

The flicker-free 2700K lighting within Calma aims to align with your circadian rhythm by mimicking daylight. This results in increased productivity and an improvement in your overall mood.

The Mobile Meeting Room, Perfected

Calma provides the privacy you need within shared workspaces while prioritizing your health and well-being. Calma pods have an air exchange rate up to 17 times better than a regular meeting room. Calma can be quickly and easily moved to support your growing business.


Space is an organic environment


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Calma has an excellent airflow rate, approximately 14 up to 17 times better than a regular sized meeting room.

Yes, the air inside Calma circulates up to 106 times per hour for Calma For U.

Fan speed and lighting brightness are adjustable for all Calma pods.

Yes, all Calma pods have special built-in furniture options for you to customize.

Calma has an excellent noise reduction with Class A certification, creating the perfect amount of silence you need inside.

With acoustic layering, Calma balances both low and high frequency sounds, creating a private space.

Calma for you offers an integrated face lights to avoid unwanted shadows during video conferences. The media wall provides a stable connection throughout your meeting.

Calma pods up the the XLarge model come with castors for easy relocation; when a renovation or change in the office is planned.

Depending on the size, Calma pods consume between 17-63W of energy per hour.

All the finishes and materials of Calma pods are selected in neutral shades to blend perfectly into any environment.